This is it! The Semi-Finale episode of The Webcomic Beacon! It is also the 6th Anniversary Special Episode!

What makes it EXTRA special? Mark SavaryTanya Higgins, and Eric Kimball come back to join Fes Works for a TWO HOUR special on what we have learned over the years!

Over 360 episodes and 6 years later, it’s time to end the show. Sure, there may be a few more episodes here and there, but it won’t be like how it used to be back in it’s hay-day. There will be some experimentation and likely more reviews. I’ll see how things go, but this episode right here is the “BANG” that I would prefer the show to be remembered as it was.

It’s been a great six years, and I appreciate everyone that helped make this show what it was! Thanks to my hosts, our guests, and our listeners.


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